The morning is the most important. Did your mom tell you that when you were young too? “Start your day off with a powerful meal and you’ll be doing well all day long!” At TruBeu, we’ve discovered that our self care routine is also one of the most important steps of the day. Along with washing your face, brushing your teeth and clothing, try TruBeu’s “HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL” routine that will jump start your beauty.

1. Start off in the mirror

2. Smile at the face in the mirror
    (this face is YOURS, instead of picking out the flaws you may see.
    please focus on the fact that THIS is YOUR face, uniquely and
    brilliantly, it belongs to you.)

3. Go out into your day!
Please treat the other faces that you see with such care and
love as you have treated your own. (they may also have to
practice this self-care routine <3


Adding this simple routine into one’s day can drastically improve well being. We’ve seen people change their frowns to happy dances in just a few short weeks. Not only does this help us love ourselves, but also to shine that positive force onto those around us as well. This is TruBeu