Alina interview
I met Alina at her Spa (I had never had a facial before, and she was THE BEST person to have encountered for a newbie like me). Her gentle demeanor and incredibly calming presence is what first struck me about her, and as she shared with me a bit of her story, I just knew I had to share some of her wisdom with our teens.

Alina grew up on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. She shared that her Grandfather would show her the different plants and herbs that were best for cleansing and healing, and that led her into the line of work that she does today.

We asked her to sit down with us and share more of her journey and when asked what is your definition of beauty she replied:

“Its so many things I can’t even narrow it down, but I would say something like a butterfly.
It seems unattainable, it seems unreachable, but its something that doesn’t need to be reached or attained, it’s just it’s already beautiful in its own state. When you see a butterfly you say ‘oh it’s so beautiful I want to touch it, I want to hold it’, but just seeing it is already beautiful enough.”

We asked Alina about her journey with her own sense of confidence:

“You know growing up I was not very confident at all. I always struggled with being overweight, which I actually wasn’t, but I struggled with eating disorders. Even since the age of 7 I remember always thinking ‘I need to run, I need to be on a diet’ and you know you just look in the mirror everyday and I just remember always feeling like I don’t like something, or I need to change something, and a lot I think has to do with media and what we’re being exposed to everyday. But about 7 years ago I had a transformation where I was really able to love myself, and know that I am loved, you know every nook and cranny and every part is actually made so perfectly, and just being able to embrace that changed everything for me.”

We are so grateful for Alina sharing her open heart with us, and hope you enjoyed meeting her as well!