TruBeu's Founders

TruBeu began in 2009 as a project between 2 sisters. Katie Vojta and Amy Vojta (Bruketta). Today Katie Vojta runs TruBeu as Executive Director, alongside Board members Annie Suh and Linday Luke. TruBeu has grown to a host of beautiful volunteers and champions of all that is good whom we are eternally grateful for.

TruBeu's Journey

In 2009 TruBeu began with a panel of women discussing beauty ideals from various backgrounds and situations.  Throughout the years TruBeu has hosted a number of community arts events and in 2022 launched it's first teen workshop. TruBeu has since been helping teens build confidence and self esteem and generally spreading the message that "you are beautiful" to all...

2009 TruBeu Street Interview

2018 TruBeu Art Show

2020 Community Event