Because every person
whatever their appearance,
whatever their shape, form,
posture, style, preference, is a person,
is a human just like myself and you,
and while err-ing on the side of humanity…
shouldn’t I care for and see that person
as beautiful?


Ruth Gordon stated aptly
in the movie ‘Harold & Maude’
“I love humans, they are my species.”
We are, for better of worse
here with eachother.

Starting with the person that we look at
everyday in the mirror and
moving on to those around us…
choosing to value rather than degrade
choosing to embrace rather than seperate,
choosing to forgive and love again
and again…


When we take hold of each other,
help each other,
care for each other,
can’t a beautiful community,
state, culture be born?
This is our mission
and if you should choose to accept it,
we would love to have you
on this journey as well.

Tell us your story,
sing us a song,
let us dance together
on this planet and bring beauty
to many others as well.

~you are beautiful~